Chaos Blend Sets

Chaos Blend Sets


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Now you can get all of our Chaos Blends in set! Choose from 10 gram jars or 5 gram jars! Chaos Blends are loose pigment mica powders that are 100% natural. Blended to perfection, each unique in its own way. These pigments are safe and can be used anywhere on the body or face. Made to compliment every skin tone!

Celestial - beige bronze with silver sparkle
Sun Beam - bronze gold shade with a hint of sparkle
Peachy Keen - Cool Toned Peach/Gold Reflects (with hints of multi-colored reflects)
Heatwave - Copper/Bronze
Honeydew - Peachy/Bronze
Poison - dark purple metallic shade with a pink sheen (NON VEGAN)
Grunge - Dark Green Metallic
Sphinx - dark gold bronze metallic
Harvest - medium neutral brown shade with a hint of purple which you barely see
Reflection - golden/neutral shade with reflects
Pluto - medium brown shade with red/pink sparks
Starburst - pink shade with a gold shift
Valentine - light/medium pink

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