Color Shifting Creams

Color Shifting Creams


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In order by the second photo below: Ice Blink, Moonspell, Cosmic Light

Chaos color shifting creams are all natural, cruelty free & talc free.
This is a multi-use product. Safe for eyes & lips.

Formulated to hydrate the skin while leaving a hint of color shifting pigment. The cream goes on light but can be built up strong.
Each cream shade changes depending on the viewing angle & light given.

Ice blink: This blue/green shade changes from green - blue - purple.

Moonspell: This yellow shade changes from green - yellow - orange.

Cosmic Light: This red/pink shade changes from pink - silver - green. SOLD OUT

Packaged in our NEW white seashells!
Shell size:
Inside Dimensions: 1.89″ Dia. X 0.260″ Ht.
Outside Dimensions: 3.54″ Dia. X 0.415″ Ht.

How to apply:
With just a little product and your two soft fingers, dab onto skin until it's lightly blended. This is a build able product.

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