Hybrid Set


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Set 1 Includes: Price $52.00
Glass Slipper - shifts from baby blue to gold
Watermelon - shifts from orange pink to green (non vegan)
Sunny Daze - shifts from yellow to blue

Set 2 Includes: Price $52.00
Daisy - shifts from beige to gold
Radiate - shifts from a blue based grey to copper
Periwinkle - shifts from a pink bronze to blue

Set 3 includes: Price $70.00
Strawberry Lemonade - shifts from pink to gold (non vegan)
Jellybean - shifts from green to copper
Bubbles - shifts from purple to blue (non vegan)
Melon - shifts from peach to green

Set 4 includes: Price $70.00
Wild Flower - shifts from purple - green (non vegan)
Ultra Feminine - shifts from pinkish purple - blue (non vegan)
Sublime - shifts from green - gold
Lemon Drop - shifts from yellowish orange gold - green

Or get all 14 together in one set for $240!

Each are made with 100% pigment and glitter free. Our products are 100% handcrafted. These shades can used on eyes, lips, and body. (Bubbles, Glass Slipper, and Wild Flower are NOT recommended on lips)

Pressed into 36mm pressed pans and packaged in our pink seashells (this is not a compact).

All swatches can be viewed on our Instagram.

**Due to the products being handmade, we suggest that the product is handled with care, since it is fragile**